Eulogy to a futon: A story about thrift

Futon napIn the summer of 2003 Matt was renting an apartment off campus and needed something to sleep on. A cool $100 bought a simple black metal futon with a mattress about as thick and supportive as a slice of Wonder bread.

Fast forward through three moves in two states and nine years later we still had the futon. The giant staple-looking piece that held the middle together disappeared in a move. The middle leg had fallen off and was wedged back in place. We had added many parts to the mattress over the years in an attempt to make it somewhat comfortable – big pillows for the back, throw pillows, flattened cardboard boxes under the mattress to keep it from seeping through the metal bars of the frame, twin bed sized egg-carton foam under the mattress to add some cushioning, and a second mattress on top (from a friend, who’s frame literally burst apart one day).

We bought a futon mattress slipcover on sale and managed to shove both mattresses inside. With the two mattresses and enough pillows to choke a horse, it was reasonably comfortable and if you arranged it so the cardboard boxes and egg carton foam didn’t show it almost looked respectable. Almost.

We aren’t the only ones who put up with a past-prime futon for a few years. In our case, we knew we would be leaving Illinois in a few years so we decided to make due, then buy new when we got to our new home. Well, the time has come. We finally bought a new couch. It’s name brand, super comfortable, and the overstock warehouse where we bought it had it for half off.  And we got it on sale. That’s how we roll.

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